By Beverli Haroldsen

The tide comes in – 

Waves crashing against rocks. 

Winds dart and dodge around the harbor, buffeting the silence.     

Hungry gulls flock in, bartering for tasty morsels washed up from the deep.   

Hunger subsides.  Gulls flock to more alluring vistas. 

The storm gives way to a gentle ebb and flow, 

A transient lull –   


This is lunchtime.  It can happen at 10:30, 12:00, 1:00, or even 2:49 in the afternoon.  It can happen once a day or several times a day – part of the natural flow of a typical day here at Alpine Valley Academy.  Lunchtime can roll in and out like a sudden thunderstorm or linger like a day at the beach with vacationers coming and going, vendors hawking their wares, or flighty birds swooping in for an occasional crumb. Though not repeated with the clockwork of ocean tides, lunchtime has its own organic rhythm and is one of the inevitable evidences of freedom and self direction at AVA. 

Published January 11, 2021

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