By Debbie Ayala

This is a great question! And my answer is… DON’T.  Please don’t ever send your child to a place where they would learn nothing, and certainly don’t pay for it!
So why do parents send their kids to AVA and other Sudbury Schools (which may appear to some as a place where children are not learning)?
Sudbury Schools have been around for over 50 years. They have proven to be at least as effective, and in most cases, more effective at providing a place for students to learn what is needed to thrive as adults and be successful in the world.  
In a time when schools are failing our children, depression is at an all time high, universities are getting students unprepared to attend, employers are getting university graduates under qualified to enter the work force, why are we still upholding a model where students are told what to learn, when to learn it, and how to learn it.
A school has a responsibility to offer students an environment where they can find joy as they learn, learn things that interest them, collaborate with their peers, and spend the time that they as and individual, need to learn.  They can then enter college as independent adults who know what it takes to learn on their own.  They can enter the work force and know how to be self starters who have the skills employers are looking for in todays fast paced world.
So when I’m asked about this school, AVA, where some have a perception that children learn nothing, I wish I could help these individuals see the absolute and amazing value that is offered here.  I wish I could help them trust this method that is proven to have worked for so many years!  This model has provided a place for so many children to have opportunities to think independently, learn to motivate themselves, learn to work well with others of all different skill levels, learn to collaborate on projects and ideas, and essentially gain the confidence to take on anything!  
There are innumerable things being learned here daily, and I’ve actually never been in a place where so much learning is happening every moment!

Posted December 14, 2022


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