By Debbie Ayala

The answer is YES.  There are absolutely things that most of us, not just children, will never choose to learn on our own.  Beverli spends a significant amount of time studying Chinese. I have no desire to learn Chinese.  One of our students (Jack) is very interested in history and geography.  Some people love sports, some art, some video games.  Some people love music and study it each day.

We live in a time when virtually all our interests can be developed into a career or lifelong hobby.  If we all had the same interests our world would be incredibly boring and bland, but instead we live in a world where the variety is endless.

As we think of all the different careers we’ve seen others pursue, we can find a successful violin dancer, an extremely talented basketball player, someone who builds roads and designs buildings.  We’ll find acting, marketing, doing a sport or activity that others watch, commenting on someone else doing a sport or activity that others watch, singing, painting, driving, cooking, studying animals of all kinds, studying the world around us.  Literally the list could go on and on.  I love that there is such a great assortment of activities and interests around us to be able to make a living, or just enjoy life.

With all this diversity in interests and living, it is clear that there is a plethora of things to learn, and that we all choose differently.  And that there are absolutely things we may never choose, and it’s okay!!

Question for next week….”But what about reading? What about math? These are essential things to learn! Will any child really choose to learn them on their own?”

Posted January 7, 2022


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