Private schools for kindergarten near me

Here we’ve compiled a list of Private schools for kindergarten near me — that is, if “near me” means near Lehi, Utah!

Here’s the list of all the private schools within a fairly reasonable driving distance from Lehi, Utah:

Why you should probably ignore most of this list:

    1. So, there are really only THREE private schools for kindergarten near me in Lehi, Utah. One is Alpine Valley Academy (AVA), another is Kimber Academy, and the other is Challenger School. The rest on the list are actually public charter schools, or, in nearby cities.  Charter schools actually are not private schools. They use the same educational model as public schools — classrooms, bells, homework, lectures, etc. The primary difference is that the school board is generally parents of students at the school.
    2. Private junior high school near me!Your child may be best served by AVA, Utah County’s 1st & only self-directed natural learning environment for kids. Here are some reasons why they just might:
      • They really aren’t happy at school,
      • Your child doesn’t seem to thrive in a traditional classroom setting,
      • If your child is not the “academic type”,
      • They don’t do particularly well on standardized tests, or
      • You want your child to find and nurture their unique talents.
    3. Now, the price shouldn’t be the only consideration, but it is an important one.  Challenger’s tuition for a month is $1,071. AVA charges half that.  We’ve taken extraordinary steps to reduce the cost and greatly improve the value of what you and your child get for the hard-earned money you spend on their education.

We invite you to read more about our Natural Learning definition, and how it can benefit your child.