Won’t they need to be exposed to many different things so they don’t become too narrow? Don’t we need to make sure children to learn a little about a lot of things?

By Debbie Ayala

“Not a single aspect of this has ever made sense to me.

“First of all there is the arrogance of it, as if you or I or some panel of experts could choose out of the vast ocean of human knowledge the right combination of droplets everyone needs to imbibe.

“Then, there’s the naïveté, as if children today in this country, in an era of multi-media blitz, aren’t exposed day and night to more than we can imagine.  The very same people who complain about narrowness can be found the next day complaining about overexposure and overstimulation.

“Finally, there’s the assumption that it’s bad to be narrow.  Bad for whom?  For Mozart?  For Einstein? For Wilbur and Orville Wright?  Our greatest national heroes are praised for their single-minded devotion to some cause or other.  Is that well rounded?  Children will learn all they have to, and more, if we don’t mess with them, unless and until they beg us to.”

Daniel Greenberg (1934-2021)

Posted January 21, 2022


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