Alpine Valley Academy, a non-profit, private school in Lehi, UT. has Full-Time Staff opening for the 2021-2022 school year.  We are looking for a Staff member who is able to work as a IT/Media Clerk (see below).  Also, it is a plus if the candidate has gaming knowledge and enjoys gaming.  All Staff members must understand and support the Sudbury learning model.  Please go to our web site and review all the information there.
The IT / Media clerk is responsible for the maintenance, care, and proper functioning of the school’s electronic devices and equipment. Responsibilities: 
  • Maintain the school’s network, enabling all members of the school to use the internet, printers, and other devices as allowed by the School Council Rulebook
  • Maintain internet filtering software, antivirus/antimalware software, and any other software or services the school council deems appropriate to ensure the safety of the users of school devices
  • Approve the installation of any new software on school devices
  • Maintain accounts and subscriptions for any electronic services used by the school as a whole (games, online classes, etc.)
  • Maintain the school’s cameras and security system
  • Advise the school council as to appropriate rules for the use of the school’s electronic equipment and fulfill any responsibilities assigned by the school council that are intended to facilitate fair use of the school’s devices
  • Maintain and update the school website.
  • Oversee the acquisition and preparation of new electronic devices intended to become school device
  • Maintain the 3D printer and facilitate fair use of the 3D printer among all student council members.  Also to certify those interested in use of the 3D printer.
All staff are paid the same.  Full time is 35 hours per week and are paid $15 per hour.  School will start on Monday, August 16.  We do not offer benefits at this time. 
Please email us stating why you want to work at AVA and include a resume.
We all love working at Alpine Valley Academy.