Before enrolling your child at Alpine Valley Academy we invite you to come visit the school for an admission interview. The purpose of this interview is to ensure students and parents understand the principles of Self-Directed Learning upon which Alpine Valley Academy is based, to establish expectations of the students, parents, and staff, and to allow students and parents to ask any additional questions they may have. We invite you to fill out the admission interview form here and we will contact you to schedule a convenient time. Both parents and/or guardians (if applicable) are required to attend. Following the admission interview, you will be given the opportunity to enroll your child(ren) in the school.

Trial Week

At Alpine Valley Academy, students are given the freedom, trust, and responsibility to direct their own learning. In order to ensure that our environment is a good fit, we offer prospective students the opportunity to attend for a trial week. The trial week costs $100 and will follow the admission interview.

We are currently offering a four-week trial period for only $200! We hope many prospective students and families will use this offer to join our community and begin to experience the benefits of Self-Directed Learning.


Tuition at Alpine Valley Academy is just a fraction of the cost of other private schools in the area. We have kept the cost as low as possible to make the experience accessible to many more families. We hope yours is one of them!

  • $3500 for second child from the same family
  • $3000 for third child from the same family
  • Further discounts for additional children