Searching for “the best elementary school near me“?  Then, you’ve come to the right place!  That is if you happen to reside within driving distance of Lehi, Utah.

Here’s a list of possibilities for the “best elementary school near me”. These elementary schools are within a reasonable commuting distance from Lehi. We can say these are the best elementary schools because they are rated in the top 1/4th of all 526 of Utah’s elementary schools. This list includes both charter and private schools.

So, the elementary schools here are ranked by how well their students did on standardized tests. They are compared to all the 526 elementary schools in Utah (more on why this may not matter for your child below).

The Best Elementary Schools Near Me:

23 – Highland School, Highland, Utah
35 – Westfield School, Alpine, Utah
49 – North Star Academy, Bluffdale, Utah
55 – Lincoln Academy, Pleasant Grove, Utah
61 – Legacy School, American Fork, Utah
64 – Ridgeline School, Highland
67 – Alpine School, Alpine
71 – Freedom School, Highland
73 – Rennaisance Academy, Lehi
74 – Eaglecrest School, Lehi
79 – Shelley School, American Fork
98 – Saratoga Shores School, Saratoga Springs
110 – Snow Springs School, Lehi
118 – Sego Lily School, Lehi
127 – Barratt School, American Fork
130 – Harvest Schools, Saratoga Springs

“The Not-so-Best elementary schools near me”

Just so you know these schools were actually considered but didn’t make the cust, here are the Lehi-area elementary schools that are in the bottom 3/4ths, according to how the kids did on their standardized tests.

139 – Hidden Hollow School, Eagle Mountain
154 – Odyssey Charter School, American Fork
156 – Traverse Mountain School, Lehi
155 – American Preparatory Academy #2, Draper
160 – North Point School, Lehi
169 – Ranches Academy, Eagle Mountain
192 – Lehi School, Lehi

193 – Forbes School, American Fork
195 – Greenwood School, American Fork
197 – Riverview School, Saratoga Springs
200 – Fox Hollow School, Lehi
247 – Thunder Ridge School, Saratoga Springs
279 – Meadow School, Lehi
307 – Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs
320 – Sage Hills School, Saratoga Springs
340 – Bluffdale School, Bluffdale
355 – Mountainville Academy, Alpine

372 – Eagle Valley School, Eagle Mountain
404 – Mountain Trails School, Eagle Mountain
409 – Pony Express School, Eagle Mountain
472 – Summit Academy Independence, Bluffdale

Why you might want to disregard the above lists:

  • If your child really isn’t all that happy at school,
  • Your child doesn’t seem to thrive in a traditional classroom setting,
  • If your child is not “the academic type”,
  • They don’t do particularly well on standardized tests, or
  • You want your child to find and nurture their unique talents.

If any of the above is true for your child, and you live near Lehi, you may want to consider Alpine Valley Academy instead.  AVA is Utah County’s 1st and only “Self-Directed Natural Learning Center”.

Best private elementary schools near me in Lehi, Utah.
“Education is based on conformity,
human life is based on diversity.”

AVA is part of a world-wide growing movement to provide natural learning environments for children. According to TED talk favorite, Sir Ken Robinson, the traditional educational model followed by the vast majority of schools is based on the values of conformity, compliance, and linearity.  However, as Sir Ken says, “Life is not linear, it’s organic.”

In contrast, both Sir Ken and we the founders of AVA believe that LIFE is based on different principles. Those are the principles of creativity, diversity, and organic growth. That is why we are creating a school where children happily pursue learning for its own sake. Imagine a school where children are given the freedom to express their inner gifts of creativity!  We allow (and encourage) children to discover and strengthen their inherent genius. This effort is proven to result in confident, responsible, and achieving young adults.

So, we invite you to read more about our Natural Learning definition, and how it can benefit your child.