Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an environment of trust, respect, and choice where children are free to pursue the personal endeavor of gaining knowledge and understanding to prepare them for their futures.


By experiencing true freedom children thrive and learn to value and protect it.


Each student and staff has an equal voice in the governance of the school. Students have a vested interest in the success of the community.


Self-directed learning gives students ownership of their education and is key to true learning.

A Proven Educational Philosophy

       Alpine Valley Academy is a new, self-directed, natural learning, private school in Utah County, based on the Sudbury Valley School model, where children are given the freedom to choose their own education and unique path. It is a place where students are given the gift of time to find and follow their gifts and passions and enjoy a childhood of freedom, respect, and trust. 

       Alpine Valley Academy provides the three great freedoms of personal responsibility: Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Action, and Freedom to Bear the Consequences of Action. When children are trusted with these freedoms, responsibility comes naturally.

Alpine Valley Academy

1910 W 900 N

Lehi, UT 84043


(435) 776-5427

Office (801)901-6648