Announcing a New School!

Welcome to our 2-acre, natural learning paradise in Lehi, UT

Educational Excellence

The curriculum is designed by the students and facilitated by skilled mentors.


The students and staff elect school leadership, write bylaws, and execute judgement on infractions. Yes, the kids really do this!


Alpine Valley Academy is one of the most affordable private schools in Utah.

Proven Educational Experience

Alpine Valley Academy is the first natural learning school in Utah County.  We believe it will prove to be one of the best and least expensive private schools in Utah County. AVA is based on the Sudbury Valley School model, which was founded in 1968.

As a “Sudbury school” it is a place where the students are given the gift of time to find and follow their passions. Where students enjoy a childhood of freedom, respect, and trust. A school that provides the three great freedoms of personal responsibility: Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Action, and Freedom to Bear the Consequences of Action. When you have freedom, you learn that you can succeed.

Opening August 20, 2018

See the Hours, Tuition, and Calendar PDF for more details.

Admissions Interview

Follow the link below to request an admission interview for your family. This interview will provide you the opportunity to determine whether Alpine Valley Academy is right for your family. There is a $30 fee for the interview.

Seeking Mentors

Alpine Valley Academy is also a place that empowers adults to give children the best possible education. If you are inspired by inspiring others, we would love to interview you for one of our staff positions.

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